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2020-11-11 Colin Watsonbugzilla-show: use HTTPS; drop warthogs and ubuntu master
2020-11-11 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: miscellaneous updates
2020-11-11 Colin Watsonsops-virginizer: remove
2020-11-11 Colin Watsonweekly-covid-average: new script
2018-12-22 Colin Watsonget-rfc: switch to HTTPS
2018-09-01 Colin WatsonRemove obsolete baz* scripts
2017-12-22 Colin Watsonbsmtp-pull: drop -2; avoid connection sharing
2017-12-22 Colin Watsongrep-my-excuses: add openssh-ssh1
2017-12-22 Colin Watsongpg-refresh-cache: accept key ID as optional arg
2017-12-22 Colin Watsonchroot-setup: less error-prone set -e
2017-12-22 Colin Watsonubuntu-paste: convert to python3/argparse/requests
2014-01-25 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: drop d-i images
2014-01-25 Colin Watsonpull-mail: run notmuch new after fetching mail
2014-01-18 Colin Watsondpkg-quilt-setup: be a little more verbose
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonburn-dvd: add -dvd-compat for better format compatibility
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonblank-kvm-image: kvm-img -> qemu-img
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonmbox2maildir: support --help; switch to mb2md
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonbsmtp-pull: tell /usr/sbin/sendmail to deliver in the...
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: miscellaneous updates - lenny and squeeze...
2013-02-18 Colin Watsonpull-mail: add --force option; extend running times
2013-02-18 Colin Watsongrep-my-excuses: monitor grub
2013-02-18 Colin Watsonbsmtp-pull: add debugging
2012-06-14 Colin Watsontiocnotty: switch to python3
2012-06-14 Colin Watsontiocnotty: use with statement
2012-06-14 Colin Watsontiocnotty: sort imports
2011-10-10 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: mount all the ISO images we can find...
2011-10-10 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: DVDs are not usefully jigdoable any more
2011-10-10 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: explicitly mount ro
2011-05-25 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: default to oneiric
2011-02-02 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: no more ports directories
2010-11-18 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: flip -a semantics to mean --authenticated...
2010-11-18 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: default to natty
2010-11-18 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: add -h/--http option
2010-09-09 Colin Watsondpkg-quilt-setup: workaround for
2010-09-09 Colin Watsonchroot-setup: update visudo notes
2010-09-09 Colin Watsonblank-kvm-image: strip .img if supplied
2010-09-09 Colin Watsonubuntu-daily: new script, cobbled together from bits...
2010-06-04 Colin Watsonadd grep-my-excuses
2010-04-21 Colin Watsonsuperseded by 'bzr reconfigure --use-shared'
2010-04-20 Colin Watsonadd kvm-img wrapper script
2010-04-20 Colin Watsonadd signkey
2010-04-20 Colin Watsonhacky exim queue admin helpers
2010-04-20 Colin Watsonfix --nick/--server handling; add list command
2010-04-20 Colin Watsonbetter docs; ignore errors from xauth add
2010-03-01 Colin WatsonURL in Forwarded: means the patch was forwarded
2010-03-01 Colin Watsonget-rfc: ensure that $HOME/misc/rfc exists
2010-03-01 Colin Watsonunreleased-packages: add d-i
2010-03-01 Colin Watsonadd unforwarded-patches script
2010-01-16 Colin Watsonspacing
2009-06-30 Colin Watsonexec sudo, to save a process
2009-05-31 Colin Watsonspeed up use of sa-learn
2009-05-09 Colin Watsonsupport .noircnotify/--force
2009-05-09 Colin Watsonsupport .nomail/--force; don't run fetchmail on hours 3-7
2009-05-09 Colin Watsondrop amd64
2009-04-07 Colin Watsonwrapper for debcommit -r and debrelease -S -t ubuntu
2009-04-07 Colin Watsonautomate process of transforming a standalone bzr branc...
2009-04-07 Colin Watsonwrapper for unicode(1) to examine each character in...
2009-03-27 Colin Watsongetopt option parsing; usage message
2009-03-06 Colin Watsonset -e to make it easier to kill this
2009-02-15 Colin Watsonadd squeeze, until such time as I run out of disk space...
2008-11-24 Colin Watsonadd ubuntu-paste to send data to
2008-11-24 Colin Watsonquick-and-dirty script to reverse the output of od
2008-11-24 Colin Watsonadd TIOCNOTTY ioctl wrapper
2008-10-11 Colin Watsondon't time out new LP bug notifications
2008-10-11 Colin Watsondocument chroot package requirements; ensure directorie...
2008-07-06 Colin Watsonadd freedesktop
2008-05-28 Colin Watsondrop powerpc
2008-05-06 Colin Watsonadd hacky LP bug notification helper
2008-05-05 Colin Watsonconvert ./* to absolute path
2008-05-05 Colin Watsonremove bashism
2008-05-04 Colin Watsondownload using HTTP
2008-05-01 Colin Watson5 minutes -> 30 seconds
2008-05-01 Colin Watsonfix backslash handling
2008-04-30 Colin Watsonadd notify-cmd wrapper
2008-04-30 Colin Watsonhacky LP bug support
2008-04-30 Colin Watsonfirst cut at irssi desktop notifications
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonadd mdcommit and gnucommit, hacky variants of debcommit...
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonadd ubuntu-make-mergelog convenience wrapper around dch
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonadd chroot-setup, chroot-teardown, and chroot-enter...
2008-04-15 Colin Watsondisown background lockfile-touch process
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonnote dvd+rw-tools dependency
2008-04-15 Colin WatsonERR trap is a bashism
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonadd --prefix option; add --keep-old option
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonpass any other options to rosetta-merge, as well as...
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonexclude .git
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonconfine searches to first line; allow restricting to...
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonmore convenient wrapper for bzr upgrade
2008-04-15 Colin Watsonadd --prefix option; stop appending /debian/po to old...
2007-09-28 Colin Watsonreduce false positives
2007-09-22 Colin Watsondrop etch
2007-08-23 Colin Watsonremove ssh-agent-shell, no longer used
2007-07-27 Colin Watsonno longer used since migration to Soyuz
2007-07-27 Colin Watsonadd kernel
2007-07-20 Colin Watsonrename to update-config
2007-07-20 Colin Watsonuntested git support
2007-07-20 Colin Watsonsupport bzr checkouts
2007-04-08 Colin Watsonetch -> stable; add lenny
2007-04-07 Colin Watsontest -f for */* too
2007-04-03 Colin Watsonhandle non-existent targets
2007-04-03 Colin Watsonadd --apply option; pa_IN handling; misc merging improv...