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2023-09-05 Ben HarrisNew KiCad Web site master published
2023-09-05 Ben HarrisDocument that ClunkPi does work on 40-pin Pis
2021-01-27 Ben HarrisA couple more links to manufacturers' pages
2021-01-27 Ben HarrisBrief notes on the requirements for Q1
2021-01-27 Ben HarrisFix XHTML well-formedness error.
2021-01-27 Ben HarrisAdd a photo to the Web page
2018-12-27 Ben HarrisMore personal introduction to Web page.
2018-12-10 Ben HarrisNo Gerbers yet.
2018-12-10 Ben HarrisUpdates; better Web page.
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisAdd a list of parts that I used.
2018-11-22 Ben HarrisUse actual non-breaking spaces in index.html.
2018-11-22 Ben HarrisMinimal documentation for ClunkPi.
2018-11-20 Ben HarrisUpdate diagram metadata for revision 1.0.0.
2018-11-19 Ben HarrisAdd finished version of PCB (based on tested breadboard).
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