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ownerBen Harris
last changeSun, 31 Jan 2021 11:38:01 +0000 (11:38 +0000)
2021-01-31 Ben HarrisUpdate comments for new URL of Simon Taylor's GPO Clock... master
2021-01-31 Ben HarrisAdd a usage message and trap various usage errors
2018-12-27 Ben Harrisclunk.8: Fix mandoc(1) lint errors.
2018-12-27 Ben HarrisREADME update.
2018-12-27 Ben Harrisclunk.service: Set Restart=on-failure.
2018-12-27 Ben Harrisclunk.service: Support for some configuration through...
2018-12-27 Ben Harrisclunk.service: Don't hard-code the location of /var...
2018-12-16 Ben Harrisclunk.service: stop running clunk as root.
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisSwitch back to calling clock_gettime unconditionally...
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisAdd a CONFORMING TO section to clunk(8).
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisAdd a systemd unit file.
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisSome documentation, in the form of a man page.
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisAdd rough support for select libgpiod lines by number.
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisBuild with libgpiod by default.
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisCrude sysfs-compatible output mode.
2018-12-08 Ben HarrisChange option to request use of libgpiod to -G.
3 years ago master