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descriptionMODE 7 for the 21st Century
ownerBen Harris
last changeSun, 27 Feb 2022 13:51:02 +0000 (13:51 +0000)
2022-02-27 Ben HarrisUpdate version to 002.004 main origin/HEAD origin/main bedstead-002.004
2022-02-27 Ben HarrisUpdated date in authorship comment
2022-02-26 Ben HarrisSlightly darken <code> etc
2022-02-26 Ben HarrisNew title for Web page and some other tweaks
2022-02-26 Ben HarrisAdd a picture of "Bedstead" on a CRT for the new page...
2022-02-26 Ben HarrisCorrect underline position
2022-02-14 Ben HarrisA load more of Latin Extended Additional
2022-02-14 Ben HarrisA few characters that enwiki lists as useful for pinyin
2022-02-14 Ben HarrisAdd the missing accented vowels for hanyu pinyin
2021-11-05 Ben HarrisSplit images for Web page into a new make target
2021-11-05 Ben HarrisAdd to DISTFILES
2021-10-16 Ben HarrisActually fill in the date for 002.003
2021-10-16 Ben HarrisUpdate version to 002.003 bedstead-002.003
2021-10-16 Ben HarrisRemove CC0 button from Web page
2021-10-16 Ben HarrisMinimal re-arrangement of Web page into a less silly...
2021-10-16 Ben HarrisAdd bold fonts to Ghostscript Fontmap file
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