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ownerBen Harris
last changeFri, 24 May 2024 14:22:16 +0000 (15:22 +0100)
2024-05-24 Ben HarrisUpdate version to 002.006 main origin/HEAD origin/main bedstead-002.006
2024-05-14 Ben HarrisCorrect ordering of squares and circles with quadrants
2024-05-11 Ben HarrisUpdate version to 002.005 bedstead-002.005
2024-05-11 Ben HarrisUpdate authorship date
2024-05-11 Ben HarrisMove glyph complement 40 pt rightward
2024-05-11 Ben HarrisU+22C6 STAR OPERATOR
2024-05-11 Ben HarrisCorrected glyph name for U+22C5 DOT OPERATOR
2024-05-11 Ben HarrisXOR, NAND, and NOR
2024-05-11 Ben HarrisYijing monograms, digrams, and trigrams
2024-05-10 Ben HarrisRevert "Private use area mappings for separated 4-cell...
2024-05-10 Ben HarrisFurther harpoons
2024-05-10 Ben HarrisAdd U+2686 to U+2689
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisA few more APL symbols
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisThree more glyphs used by BQN
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisEmpty set symbol, since I can do a tolerable one
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisA few more circled operators and a new Oslash
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