Transaction history of Paywave cards

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Fri Dec 14 19:58:16 GMT 2012

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   Roland Perry <lists at> wrote:
> >I would doubt that even if it did the ticket inspector could
> >read it. Do you not get a paper ticket if you use contactless
> >payment?

> Perhaps you get a thermal-printed receipt, but that would slow
> the process down somewhat. There must be a definitive answer
> to your question though.

> (Have you seen the advert with the chap in New York in a
> roller-coaster swiping his card - that didn't seem to feature
> receipts).

It's probably clear to everyone - though possibly not to people
who don't use or know them - but you don't get tickets or
receipts when using Oyster Cards.  Actually, I'm not sure how
contactless cards without some remembered stuff on them can
easily work in the same wipe in/wipe out system as Oyster unless
you are billed the maximum ticket cost for every journey when you
swipe it in.  Perhaps just as a ticket purchasing medium at

Oh well, someone will know.

Roger Hird
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