Log into chiark using MindTerm

Note that this is not secure against an active attack where a trojan copy of MindTerm, or a fake version of chiark's public key, is introduced. However, it will defend against passive password-sniffing. If you need protection from active attacks, carry to your trusted remote terminal a trusted copy of an SSH client with a trusted copy of chiark's public key.

This is of course available only to authorised users of chiark. If you do not know that you are authorised then you are not.

(If the applet does not appear just above then you probably have Java disabled in your browser.)
MindTerm is Copyright Mindbright technology and is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence; a copy of the licence is included in the source distribution available above. If you wish to install MindTerm on your own website I suggest you visit Mindbright's official MindTerm site, as more documentation and the latest versions are available there. However, as required by the GPL, the source code is available here.

Ian Jackson sysadmin@chiark.greenend.org.uk.