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List Description
adns-announce advanced resolver library - announcements
adns-discuss advanced resolver library - discussion
Cam-backgammon Cambridge Backgammon Players
Cambience Social list for Cambridge-area bisexuals
CASTIRON-Announce Cambridge to St Ives Railway Organisation - Announcements
CASTIRON-Discuss Cambridge to St Ives Railway Organisation - General discussion
CCF Campaign for Cambridge Freedoms
chiark-utils-announce Superceded chiark-utils announcement list
chiark-utils-discuss Superceded chiark-utils discussion list
Closeaction-announce [no description available]
Closeaction-game1 [no description available]
Closeaction-game1-blue [no description available]
Closeaction-game1-red [no description available]
Consternation-announce Announcements for Consternation, the 2005 BRS convention
Constitution-announce [no description available]
debbugs-announce Superceded - Debian bug tracking software - announcements
debbugs-discuss Superceded - Debian bug tracking software - discussion
Debian-init-diversity Debian ecosystem init system diversity
Debian-uk Discussion forum for Debian people in the UK
E4-committee Committee bounce for 04 bid
Ftv-survivors ex FutureTV Cambridge Employees
Hibachi-dealers-members Bounce for band members of Hibachi dealers
mokiecoke-announce Amazing product from the Space Merchants
mokiecoke-bugreports Bug reports about this Space Merchants product
mokiecoke-discuss Discussion of amazing Space Merchants products
Nerdvana-games Nerdvana games night
Nomic Chiark Nomic official game mailing list.
Recombination-announce [no description available]
riscos-tex TeX on RISC OS machines
sauce-announce SAUCE receiver-SMTP - announcements
sauce-discuss SAUCE receiver-SMTP - discussion
secnet-announce simple VPN software - release announcements
secnet-discuss simple VPN software - discussion and bug reports
sgo-bridge SGO Bridge players
sgo-software-announce SGO free software announcements
sgo-software-discuss SGO free software discussion
ukcrypto UK Cryptography Policy Discussion Group
ukIDcards Discussion of UK ID card proposals
userv-announce userv (security boundary facility) - announcements
userv-discuss userv (security boundary facility) - discussion

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