rejection reasons

NameShort textRejection text
discardSILENTLY DISCARD (eg because message is spam)[No rejection message sent]
abusemessage is abusive/hurtful to another postYour message appears to the moderator to be abusive or hurtful to another contributor.
repetitionmessage is excessively repetitiousThis post repeats a recent post or a recent query without appearing to add anything new. You could try to discuss the topic from a different angle or wait a few weeks until it seems right to bring up this subject again.
metamessage is disputing a moderation decisionDiscussions about whether someone's post should have been rejected or accepted are not generally permitted in the group, and should be taken to
mistakeappears to have been posted in errorThe moderator assumes that you posted this by mistake. It may be that it quotes a previous post without adding your own comment, or the text you have added may appear incomplete. We hope you will review and then re-submit your message.
defamatorypost may be defamatory (rejected message will not be published)Your message is considered to be potentially defamatory. You may wish to re-post, omitting the names of real people or organisations and/or rephrasing your criticisms.
offtopicmessage is off-topicThis appears to the moderator to be off-topic for or has insufficient law-related material.
duplicatemessage is identical to a previous postYour message has been rejected because it appears to the moderator to be a duplicate of another post already accepted by the group.
notnewmessage contains insufficient new materialThis post contains insufficient new material. Similar points have been made already in this discussion, which is in danger of becoming too repetitive.
privacymessage may infringe the privacy of a third party (rejected message will not be published)This appears to infringe the privacy of another poster.
advertmessage is advertisingThis post has been rejected by the moderator because it appears to contain advertising in furtherance of a commercial enterprise.
unlawfulmessage may be breaching an injunction or the sub judice rule (rejected message will not be published)This post has been rejected because the moderator considers that the content might breach an injunction or the sub judice rule. You could consider rephrasing your post as a hypothetical or general point, taking care not to identify any real-life individuals.
htmlmessage is in HTMLPosting HTML is forbidden. Please resubmit your message in plain text.