Cocktail Recipes


Sweet, but very slightly bitter.

For a Psycho Ex, add 1 part tequila. Like the regular ex, but packs more of a punch ;)

Peach Fuzz

This one tastes completely innocuous, and hence is named for the effect it tends to have. According to's huge A-Z cocktails list, it's not a relative of a Fuzzy Peach, but a variation on the Bad Habit :-)

Peach Tart

A relative of the above, but a little less sweet.

Mother Earth

A fruity, sparkling, refreshing drink with an unusual flavour. Into a medium glass with ice, pour:


A creamy drink with an unusual taste. Described by my other half as "stealth Bailey's". To make it, shake the ingredients with crushed ice, or lengthen it with a bit of milk.

Mole's Mule

Invented by Paul Smith, this is a gorgeous,refreshing long drink. Use a highball glass with lots of ice:

Tinky Winky Headshot

Another one of Paul's - an innocuous-tasting purple drink with a murderous effect. Inspired by the Teletubby Mercy Killing game - just Google :)

Laura's Revenge

Created by a lady of my acquaintance. Also known as an Inverse Irish Coffee. Serve over ice:


There's also a list of non-alcoholic 'mocktails' on, featuring such gems as the Pony's Neck...