Software Recommendations

There are a number of pieces of software that I like to have installed on my computer. This page provides a handy list of them so others can use my recommendations and so I don't forget which ones I like when I reinstall windows.

Document Editing

Open Office - A competent MS Office replacement.
MS Word Viewer - To check that the file created in Open Office works in word.
CorelDraw / CorelPhoto-Paint - Vector and bitmap based picture editing.
Editpad Classic - Plain text file editing, sadly no longer available as a download.
Character Map - Strangely absent in the default windows install.
Goldwave - Audio file editor.


FireFox - Web Browser.
ThunderBird - Email Client.
Putty - SSH client.
Google Talk - Good VOIP system and OK messaging system.
Micro Torrent - Simple BitTorrent client.
COMODO - Firewall and program security.


VLC - Highly comprehensive media player.
Irfanview - Highly comprehensive image viewer.
Adobe Reader - Bloated but defacto standard PDF reader.
CDEx - CD ripper and reencoder.
iTunes - For talking to my iPod; not the music mismanagement.


Cygwin - Unix-like system for windows, primarily for perl.
PDFCreator - Flexible Print-to-PDF program.
Deep Burner - DVD and CD burning program.
Sequoia View - See what files are taking up space on your system.
Secure Zip - A compression program without a nag screen and with encryption.
TweakUI - Adjust certain settings in windows.