On The Underground


There are many great sites on the web which allow you to access more information about the Underground, about games and about companies who were involved in the production of On the Underground. The following are some of my favourites - but if you have others you want to share, please email me at ontheunderground@gmail.com.

[History of London Tube Maps] A History of London Tube Maps shows how the London Underground map evolved over nearly one hundred and fifty years. Looking back at the history of the tube maps, seeing how they changed and wondering how different they could be if different lines had been created, was one of the main things that inspired On the Underground - and hopefully something that playing the game allows you to explore.
[Wikipedia] If you want to know a little bit more about the London Underground map, a great place to start looking is on Wikipedia. It may not have all the information, but it's concise and well written.
[Underground Blog] If you want up to date information about tube travelling, then Annie Mole's irreverent but informing blog might be your cup of tea. Covering everything from strikes to fashion, it's an excellent way to get flavour of london life.
[Boardgamegeek] There's more to board games than just Monopoly - in recent years there has been a renaissance in fun and exciting board games being produced. Boardgamegeek is a website dedicated to these new games and is a great resource for finding out more about the many games available today. It even has a page about On the Underground.
[Rio Grande Games] Rio Grande Games is an American company which specialises in working with companies around the world to bring games published elsewhere to America. This was the case with On the Underground - they combined forces with JKLM on the first production run and are responsible for distributing On the Underground in America.
[Transport for London] Transport for London is responsible for the London Underground system and the development of the London Underground map. We are grateful for their kind permission to use the London Underground map and Roundel.