On The Underground

On the Underground

[On the Underground board in play]
On the Underground in play

On the Underground is a board game about building the London Underground - the way it should have been built. Each player takes charge of a number of lines, building them to connect to key stations and to help the Passenger in his quest to visit the whole Underground system.

At the end of the game, the player who's managed their lines best and so gained the most points wins. However, the brilliant feature of the game is that you are not just left with a winner, but with the board showing a vision of how the London Underground could have been.

On the Underground is a fun family game for between two and five players. It is designed for players aged seven and upwards and takes about an hour to play.

Key Facts

Players2 - 5
Length60 mins
  • 1 London Underground board (80cm x 60cm)
  • 190 lengths of track
  • 55 destination cards
  • 5 pawns and 32 markers
  • 1 set of English/German rules