On The Underground

Expansions - Paris

When On The Underground first came out, there were plans to extend the system to different subway maps. I therefore developed an expansion which applied a suitably modified play system to the Paris Subway map.

Unfortunately this was never produced. While I hope it will be possible to republish On The Underground at some future point with this expansion, I do not believe that this will happen in the immediate future.

I have therefore decided to release the Paris expansion as a free download. To play it, you need a copy of On The Underground, 40 route tokens (8 each of 5 different colours), and the following files downloaded and printed out appropriately:

If you have any comments about the Paris expansion, please feel free to contact ontheunderground@gmail.com and let me know what you think.

Expansions - Unofficial

In addition to the Paris expansion, fans of On The Underground have produced expansions covering New York, Tokyo and Russia.