Sebastian Bleasdale

When the internet was young and untamed, everyone had their own homepage from which they announced their presence to the world. The web has long since been tamed, with conglomorates stamping down universal uniformity. However occasionally a home page still clings to life.

This is one such page, belonging to Sebastian Bleasdale. By day he's a mild mannered actuary working for Mercer. However, when the day is over, he casts aside his abacus and transforms into a slightly-less-mild-mannered board game designer. He has countless design credits in games, including many by the famous designer Reiner Knizia. His published designs include Keyflower, On The Underground, Black Fleet, Key Flow, Key to the City: London, City of the Living, Lemminge, We Will Wok You and On the Cards.

This page hosts a number of files which relate to games he has designed, helped with, or simply enjoys:

This page also hosts a number of projects completed at or around his university time (both academic and non-academic) which were stuck online for posterity: