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Wedding list

The traditional aim of the wedding list was to set the young couple off to a good start as they left their parental homes to begin a new life together. We both left our parental homes years ago, and are lucky enough to have already acquired everything we need for our new life together - and quite a lot more besides. If anything, we have too much stuff, and therefore we ask you not to give us anything that isn't listed below. Even if you think it's the perfect thing for us: chances are that if it is, we'll have it already.

1. Presence not presents
We're asking you to attend our wedding (and in some cases travelling long distances to do so), and also to bring a food contribution to the reception. Your attendance and support are the best gifts you can give, and please don't feel obliged in any way to give anything else.

2. Good Gifts List
While we are comfortably supplied with material wants, there are plenty of good causes out there in more need than us. We've set up a wishlist through the Good Gifts Catalogue, covering a range of charitable causes and costs. The process is easy: you choose a gift from the list, your money goes to the specified cause through one of the charities partnering with Good Gifts, and we get a card after the wedding letting us know what you bought. The list is available online here, or contact us for a printed copy.

3. Wine
A gift that doesn't take up space (or not for long)! We're particularly fond of good sparkling whites and strong French reds. Or give us a bottle of one of your favourites, with the story of how you found it and why you like it. Then we can think of you while we drink it.

4. Whisky
See the notes above for wine. We've found favourites in each of the Highland, Island & Speyside malt traditions, but are always happy to try more, especially if you have a story to go with it.

5. Bicycle and mortgage fund
If none of the other options appeal, and you still want to give us something, money will be gratefully received and put towards the following (in the order given):

Rachel's home page - Wedding List