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Car hire in Cambridge

I don't own a car. I'm lucky enough to live within an easy cycling or walking distance of work, and Cambridge itself is easy to get around on bike or foot. Most journeys outside Cambridge I can manage by train or bus. Not all however, in particular climbing trips, which is where car hire comes in. Because I haven't bought a car, don't have to pay for insurance or MOT or car tax or servicing, I'm quite happy to hire cars whenever it makes the most sense for a specific journey. As a result, I hire cars more than most people I know, and occasionally I get asked for recommendations. They currently go as follows:

The place I hire from most often is Enterprise The Cambridge branch is actually based in Histon, although they offer pickups on weekdays and the citi 8 bus route stops a short walk away. I've also been able to leave my bike securely locked up with them over a weekend. The staff are invariably nice and polite, and booking online usually results in good deals for weekend hire.

Alternatively, Practical is run in Cambridge by a very organised man, who will generally tell you exactly what he has and hasn't got for you and stick to it. Currently he's based on Cowley Road, and will usually pick up from the Park & Ride, or keep your bike somewhere secure while you're off with the car.

I rented a few times from Thrifty on Elizabeth Way. There was some kind of problem nearly every time. I found Practical after a while and never went back to Thrifty.

Rachel's home page - Car hire in Cambridge