Rachel's homepage

A bit about me.

I work as a software developer for the University of Cambridge, specifically the Management Information Services Division of the University Offices. I work in the Live Operations team for the student information system CamSIS.

Before working for the University, I was a software developer at Jobstream, and before that I was an undergraduate at New Hall, now known as Murray Edwards College.

On the 9th July 2005, I married Tony Finch, who also works in the University. I changed my surname on marriage to Coleman Finch. Our wedding photos can be found here. We have a son called Charles.

I keep a blog on Dreamwidth, photographs on Flickr, and am on Twitter.

A while ago I took part in an experiment at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, and they sent me pictures of my brain. The Internet was made to share pictures of your brain.


Miscellaneous articles

Stuff I've written, usually in response to questions.

Research on VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)
Reusable products for menstruation
How the rich don't feel rich
LibDemVoice article on schools and working parents
Why no-one really likes AV
Review of the mooncup (a reusable menstrual product)
Where to hire cars in Cambridge.
What it's like to donate eggs.

My contact details can be found on this page.