How To Park The Heads On Your PERQ 1

The Shugart 14 inch hard disk used in the PERQ 1 has a somewhat arcane procedure for parking the hard disk heads for transport.

To help you locate the various screws and plugs, here's an annotated diagram of the hard disk:
labelled image of hard disk
(To give non-PERQ owners some idea of the scale, the disk unit in this image is about 2 ft tall. This is the back of the disk. The platters are mounted vertically in the plane of the photo.)

How To Unpark The Heads

Unparking the heads is roughly the reverse of the parking procedure. It's slightly less hairy, though.

Other PERQs

I don't have most of these other models of PERQ, but here are some notes from a friend about how to lock the heads on these models. They are rather easier to do, mainly because the Shugart 14 inch drives were replaced by smaller, higher capacity drives on later models.

PERQ 2-T1s: (8" Micropolis hard disk). Remove the plastic rear cover (if it's still in place). Turn the white plastic screwhead to the "lock" position, ideally with the correct PERQ service tool. If you don't have that tool, use a large screwdriver.

PERQ 2-T2s (and PERQ 2-T4s, for that matter): 5.25" hard drives, like those in IBM-type PCs. These are self-parking. You don't do anything...

PERQ 3s: also use 5.25" drives, which are self-parking.

There are more pictures of the Shugart with the other images of my PERQ 1.
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