This program is for transferring files over ssh. It is intended for use on high latency links when you don't know the filenames in advance. (If you know the filenames, use rsync over ssh instead.)


Command List

Interactive commands

ls Remote directory list
dir Remote directory list (long format)
cd Remote change directory
cat Remote show file contents
lls Local directory list
ldir Local directory list (long format)
lcd Local change directory
lcat Local show file contents
go Run deferred commands immediately
exit (or <EOF>) Exit the interpreter and run deferred commands (Output is returned via email)

Deferred commands

get Retreive a file from the remote server
put Store a file on the remote server

Queue management commands

show Show deferred commands
undo Remove the most recent deferred command
abort Clear list of deferred commands

Typical Session

A typical session involves the following tasks:


Install ftclient and ftserver in the same directory. Run ftclient hostname to start a session.


Source: ftclient

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