Newton Fractal Dynamics


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An adaptation of Mandyn to the problem of Newton Fractals, largely inspired by this page about it. As with Mandyn, the idea is to watch the fractal grow iteration by iteration, representing the value at each point using colour.

This particular fractal uses the Newton-Raphson method to find roots of a complex polynomial, which for convenience is (z-c0)(z-c1)... - the idea is that c0 are the roots of that polynomial. The "Roots" variable above represents the values of c0 as an array of arrays, where each inner array contains the real and imaginary part of cn. So [[0,1],[1,0],[0,-1],[-1,0]] represents the polynomial (z-i)(z-1)(z+i)(z+1). The value of Roots is sent to eval, so you can include javascript code there to generate your roots for you if you want.

Thanks go to Simon Tatham for introducing me to these fractals.

Peter Corbett, 2014

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