Owen Dunn

Pictures of me

Here're two pictures of me, scanned from my Student Card from when I spent six weeks at Birzeit University in Palestine in Summer 1993, and from my current Railcard.

A greyscale picture of me A newer greyscale picture of me

(They were scanned in colour, but they look a bit odd when X runs out of colours; you can get the old or new original, or there's a better picture of me available! This looks more like me.

Me at work, with Janet McKnight, in a tiara, brandishing a mint, and inside a round thing.

This is what I sound like.

The present:

In July 1996 I graduated as an Arabist from the department of Oriental Studies at Cambridge University. In my final year, along with Arabic language, this involved studying linguistics and relations between the Mongols and the Mamluks in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

After six years working as a Unix Systems Support Engineer for Laser-Scan, a provider of GIS software and services, I was made redundant and started working for Landmark, part of Halliburton. I stayed there for a couple of years before returning to the University to work as a system administrator for BSS and helping with other things like Physics of Medicine.

The past:

I was born in 1974 in Kettering, Northants, and I lived in Wellingborough all my life until I came to Cambridge in 1993. Wellingborough is not an utterly fascinating place. Random fact fans will be interested to know that it's where Bauhaus came from.

While I was an undergrad spent about half my time here and it'd probably have been more if college had let me get away with it. Now I'm living in a shared house near Cambridge with three friends, which is quite fun most of the time. I did have another housemate, but he turned into a brewery.

I'm half Welsh, and I'd quite like to learn the Welsh language at some point, but when is another matter entirely; I used to visit Wales fairly frequently when my grandmother was alive, but since there hasn't really been either the opportunity or the inclination... Maybe I'll take a trip back there one day.

The future:

"The future holds the past and all hope"

I like to think that's true.