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Collected date 17/09/15

Workington sign

My time at Workington was a bit nervous. Not because of the station, which is lovely, but because my friend only just made it back to the station in time for our train! I wasn't too upset, though, as he brought me lunch.

The station front:

Workington front

This plaque on the station front commemorates the station's 125th anniversary:

Workington Main Station November
2011 Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of this railway station which
was officially opened on 7th November 1886 replacing an earlier structure.

The central part of the station building is on a slight hill, and immediately to the south is a lower building, giving onto the staff car park:

Workington frontage from the

Looking south along the front of the station:

Workington front looking south

Looking north along the station frontage:

Workington front, long view

At the northern end of the station front the road and retaining wall curve round and up to a bridge which crosses the line:

Workington front, looking north

From the road bridge looking south at the station:

Workington looking south
from bridge

Looking north from the road bridge:

Workington looking north
from bridge

Inside the station is this waiting room, separated by sliding doors from the ticket office and steps to the platforms and footbridge:

From platform 1 we can see that steps lead up to the waiting area, though there's also a ramp in the background:

Workington platform 1 steps

Platform 1 seen from platform 2 opposite:

Workington platform 1 Workington station building rear

Looking south along platform 1 under the canopy:

Workington platform 1 looking south

Further south along the platform, looking north:

Workington platform 1 looking north

At the southern end of platform 1 is a length of disused platform, and this disused bay:

Workington disused bay

At the northern end of platform 1 is Workington Main No 3 signalbox:

Workington signalbox

From the platform 1 waiting room steps also lead up to the footbridge leading to platform 2:

Workington steps leading to
platform 2

Looking north from the footbridge:

Workington looking north from
the footbridge

Looking south from the footbridge:

Workington looking south from
the footbridge

Looking down the steps that join the footbridge to platform 2:

Workington platform 2 exit from

Looking north from the footbridge, just west of the retaining wall at the back of platform 2:

Workington platform 2
retaining wall

On platform 2 looking at the steps up to the footbridge:

Workington platform 2 exit

At the northern end of platform 2, looking north at the bridge. On the right is the barrow crossing, which provides a step-free way of crossing the line:

Workington looking north

Looking south along platform 2 from its northern end:

Workington platform 2 looking south

On platform 2 under the canopy, looking north:

Workington platform 2 under

Beyond the end of the canopy on platform 2 it all gets a bit overgrown with moss, and even the planters look a bit untended:

Workington platform 2 planter
Looking north along platform 2:
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Looking south along the disused portion of platform 2:

Workington looking south

Far in the distance is Workington Main No 2 signalbox:

Workington main no 2 signalbox