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Collected date 12/09/16

Woodley sign

Woodley station was the day's last: a small station in the Stockport area whose station house is now a private house and with a stub of a former junction to Stockport. The line runs approximately north-south here, and the A560 crosses it at the station's north end.

The front of the station building, now private houses:

Woodley front

A view of the front of the old station building from the road as it climbs over the railway:

Woodley frontage, longer view

A path leads round the side of the station building to platform 1, entering next to a modern shelter:

Woodley platform 1 shelter

The rear of the station building:

Woodley building rear

At the northern end of platform 1, next to the footbridge which spans the tracks:

Woodley platforms looking south

The road bridge crosses the line at an angle at the station's north end:

Woodley road bridge

The footbridge:

Woodley footbridge

On the footbridge, looking north along the line at the road bridge:

Woodley looking north from footbridge

Looking south at the station from the footbridge:

Woodley looking south from footbridge

As well as the footbridge, platform 2 can also be accessed via steps from the road. Here we look south down the stepped entrance:

Woodley platform 2 steps

On platform 2 looking at the shelter:

Woodley platform 2

Looking south from the end of platform 2, with the former branch to Stockport, now just access to a depot at Bredbury, visible on the right:

Woodley looking south

Just beyond the end of platform 2 is this small hut marked "Access for S&T Staff Only":

Woodley hut

Looking north at both platforms:

Woodley platforms looking north