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Collected date 17/09/15

Wigton sign

Wigton is one of the larger stations on the Cumbrian Coast Line, and sits on an embankment to the north of the town. We had quite a bit of time here, so as well as exploring a bit I was able to nab a coffee from the little cabin at the bottom of the road leading to the station.

With the little cafe cabin behind us we look north up the approach road to the station:

Wigton approach road

Towards the top of the approach road is this old station house:

Wigton house

At the top of the road some steps lead on to platform 1, for trains towards Barrow:

Wigton platform 1 steps

A ramped entrance leads from the carpark past a disused building to platform 1:

Wigton platform 1 rear

On platform 1 looking back towards the ramped entrance and shelter:

Wigton platform 1 shelter

The mural on platform 1:

Wigton platform 1 mural

Towards the eastern end of platform 1 looking west, with the stepped entrance gate visible to the left of the station sign:

Wigton platform 1

A longer view of platform 1 seen from platform 2 opposite:

Wigton platform 1 seen from platform

At the end of platform 1 looking east along the line as it crosses Station Road:

Wigton looking east

Behind the eastern end of platform 1 we see the retaining wall that separates the railway from the station house's garden:

Wigton platform 1 wall

At the western end of both platforms a footbridge crosses the line:

Wigton footbridge

Looking east on platform 1 beyond the footbridge, we see a disused siding on the right:

Wigton platform 1 siding

Looking west from the end of platform 1 we see the siding branching off to the left and the signalbox in the distance on the right:

Wigton looking west

Back under the footbridge looking over to platform 2:

Wigton under footbridge

On the footbridge we look west along the line:

Wigton looking west from footbridge

Looking east at the station platforms from the footbridge:

Wigton looking east from footbridge

At the west end of platform 2:

Wigton platform 2 looking west

An overview of platform 2 from platform 1 opposite:

Wigton platform 2

The shelter on platform 2 is just a (rather cold) bus stop style:

Wigton platform 2 shelter

An old photo of the now absent station building (which was apparently removed to sit elsewhere and for whose reinstatement there is a campaign) sits on the platform 2 retaining wall:

Wigton old photo

On platform 2 looking at the exit:

Wigton platform 2 exit

This planter sits at the eastern end of platform 2:

Wigton planter

A disused exit from platform 2:

Wigton platform 2 disused exit

To the north of the station runs the A596, so the exit from the station leads to a bridge crossing this busy road, as well as to steps leading to Station Road. Here we see the steps on the right and the railway bridge over Station Road ahead of us:

Wigton rail bridge

The ramp which leads from station level to street level:

Wigton access ramp

At ground level looking up the steps to platform 2, with the bridge crossing the A596 on the right:

Wigton platform 2 steps

Disused steps from ground level to the end of platform 2:

Wigton platform 2 disused steps

To the west of the station is Wigton signalbox:

Wigton signalbox