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Collected date 27/06/11

Whittlesea sign

A fine (but, as it turned out, rather windy) day seemed like a good opportunity for a short bike ride from Whittlesea to Peterborough. I arrived on platform 1, here looking west towards the level crossing:

Whittlesea platform 1 looking west

Looking east along platform 1:

Whittlesea platform 1 looking east

From the eastern end of platform 1, looking along the line. The platforms are staggered but unusually the level crossing is not between them:

Whittlesea platform 2 from
platform 1

Beyond the eastern end of platform 1 is this goods siding and loading dock:

Whittlesea loading

A long view of platform 1 from the other side of the line:

Whittlesea platform 1

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Whittlesea looking west

The level crossing (with the gates closed for a goods train about to pass):

Whittlesea level crossing

Walking over the level crossing and along past a building site, we find the entrance to platform 2:

Whittlesea platform 2 entrance

Next to the entrance is an old buffer with rails visible in the undergrowth:

Whittlesea platform 2 buffers

Platform 2 seen from a distance:


On platform 2, looking west with platform 1 and the level crossing in the distance:

Whittlesea platform 2 looking west

A little way east of the station is the signalbox:

Whittlesea signalbox