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Westcombe Park

Collected date 20/04/13

Westcombe Park sign

Westcombe Park station serves the area of the same name just west of the dual carriageway down to the Blackwall tunnel. It was quiet and sleepy when I visited.

The station building from the road just to its south:

Westcombe Park side view

The entrance to the station building:

Westcombe Park entrance

The station building backs onto platform 1:

Westcombe Park building rear

Under the canopy on platform 1. The exit through the station building is just to the left and the subway leading to platform 2 ahead:

Westcombe Park under

On platform 2 opposite, looking at the subway entrance:

Westcombe Park platform 2

Looking west along the platforms:

Westcombe Park platforms
looking west

Looking west along the line:

Westcombe Park looking west

Looking east along platform 2, with the station building on the right:

Westcombe Park platforms
looking east

At tne eastern end of platform 2:

Westcombe Park looking east