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West Allerton

Collected date 02/07/13

West Allerton sign

West Allerton was more like Wet Allerton when we visited this station on Merseyrail's City Line. The station building's entrance is on a bridge over the line:

West Allerton building

On the front of the station building is a poster about the station, which opened originally in 1939:

West Allerton - 1939.  A New
Station for a New Community

The rear of the station building gives onto the footbridge:

West Allerton rear

The footbridge seen from platform 4:

West Allerton footbridge

The footbridge bears a metal plaque:

Patent Shaft &
Axletree Co Ld Wednesbury England 1938

Platform 4, with a small shelter:

West Allerton platform 4

Across one span of the footbridge to the island platforms 2 and 3, looking down the steps:

West Allerton steps

Platforms 2 and 3 seen looking eastwards:

West Allerton platforms looking

Looking west along platform 2:

West Allerton platform 2 looking

Looking east from the end of the operational part of platform 2 at the disused portion of platform 1:

West Allerton platform 2 looking

Similarly, along the edge of platform 3, looking at a disused portion of platform 4:

West Allerton platform 3 looking

Looking west under the bridges:

West Allerton looking west