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Welwyn North

Collected date 04/09/04

Welwyn North Sign

Breaking a journey, I stopped at Welwyn North so that I could walk to Welwyn Garden City and see the viaduct from the ground. Although it's on the East Coast Main Line, Welwyn North was a surprisingly sleepy place on this particular hot Saturday.

The station building, seen from the car park. The windows are boarded up but the station building is otherwise intact:

Welwyn North building

The rear of the station building has a painting of the viaduct in the windows:

Welwyn North building rear

The southbound platform 1, the far end of which has been converted into a deli:

Welwyn North platform 1

Platform 1, showing the bridge and spandrels:

Welwyn North bridge Welwyn North spandrels

Platform 2:

Welwyn North platform 2

Finally, on the way to Welwyn Garden City I took this picture of Welwyn Viaduct. It amazes me that I've travelled between Cambridge and London so often and yet only noticed very recently the viaduct on the way. It's much more impressive from ground level, of course:

Welwyn Viaduct