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Collected date 21/05/10

Walsden station sign

Walsden station serves a small village at the westernmost edge of West Yorkshire, and was the start of a pleasant walk along the Rochdale Canal to Todmorden.

The station runs approximately north-south, with the main road (Rochdale Road) to its east. The access ramp up to platform 1 from the road:

Walsden platform 1 approach

On platform 1, looking south at the footbridge:

Walsden platform 1 looking south

Looking north along platform 1:

Walsden platform 1 looking north

Looking south from the very end of platform 1, with platform 2 on the right:

Walsden platforms 1 and 2 looking

There are two ways to cross the tracks at Walsden. The first is the footbridge at the southern end of the station, accessed from Rochdale Road:

Walsden footbridge entry

Looking north at the station from the footbridge:

Walsden from footbridge looking

Looking south along the line from the footbridge:

Walsden from footbridge looking

The other end of the footbridge, looking east:

Walsden footbridge and building

Platform 2, seen from the footbridge:

Walsden platform 2 seen from

Platform 2's entrance and shelter:

Walsden platform 2 shelter and

On platform 2, looking south:

Walsden platform 2

Looking north from the end of platform 2:

Walsden looking north

For those who cannot manage the footbridge, there's a road under the railway at the northern end of the station, seen here on the eastern side of the line:

Walsden disabled entrance

Which leads to a ramped approach up to platform 2:

Walsden disabled approach