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Collected date 27/09/14

Wallyford sign

Wallyford is a modern station, opened in 1994, and so it's largely uninspiring car parks and shelters. It's on the North Berwick line and has two platforms connected by a footbridge. The ground on the south side of the line is raised, so steps lead down to platform 2 for trains towards Edinburgh:

Wallyford platform 2 entrance

On platform 2 with the steps up on the left, looking west:

Wallyford platform 2 exit

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 2:

Wallyford looking east

Looking west along the platforms:

Wallyford platforms looking west

The shelter and footbridge on platform 2:

Wallyford shelter and footbridge

Up on the footbridge looking at the shelter:

Wallyford platform 2 shelter

Looking east from the footbridge:

Wallyford looking east from footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge:

Wallyford looking west from footbridge

On platform 1 looking east at the footbridge:

Wallyford footbridge

Looking west along the line:

Wallyford looking west

Over on the road bridge to the east of the station, looking west at the station:

Wallyford looking west from bridge