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Collected date 03/07/13

Upton sign

Upton was the last station of the day, though its position just off a dual carriageway with an entrance strewn liberally with broken glass made it not an entirely nice place to finish the journey. The station sign is on a bridge which looks like it was once the main road before the dual carriageway (behind the camera) was built:

Upton bridge

Looking south from the bridge at the station platforms:

Upton looking south from the

Platform 1:

Upton platform 1

The ramp leading down from the bridge to platform 2:

Upton platform 2 ramp

Looking south along platform 2:

Upton platform 2 looking south

Looking north from the end of platform 2 at the bridge (and dual carriageway bridge beyond):

Upton looking north

Looking north at the platforms from the southern end of platform 2:

Upton looking north at platforms

Looking south along the line. The platforms continue some way beyond the current end:

Upton looking south