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Collected date 10/09/14

Ulverston sign

In a late afternoon haze we waited at Ulverston, which is a particularly grand late-19th Century building.

The line runs approximately east-west here, and the station building is accessed from a road to the south of the line. A long view of the front of the station from the east end:

Ulverston front long view

The central building:

Ulverston front

A lamp bracket on the corner of the central building, with the FR initials of the Furness Railway:

Ulverston front lamp

To the west of the central building is a long low wing with a canopy:

Ulverston front, west end

Under the canopy of the western end of the station building:

Ulverston front under

Detail of one of the arches in the western range, showing the date of the station's construction (1874):

Ulverston window

Back at the eastern end of the central building we look up at the tower which dominates the station. The clock, incidentally, is correct.

Ulverston tower

The entrance to the platforms from the front of the station:

Ulverston entrance

When the station ticket office is open it also provides a way to the platforms. It occupies the central building, and this is it from its front entrance:

Ulverston ticket hall

A plaque reveals that the booking hall was renovated in the 1980s:

The renovated booking hall
was opened on 3 March 1982 by Mr H. S. Petrie, Chairman of Cumbria
County Council

A wooden bench and seating area in the ticket hall:

Ulverston ticket hall bench

The doorway from the ticket hall onto the platforms:

Ulverston ticket hall door

The entrance to the ticket hall from platform side:

Ulverston ticket hall

The station buildings back onto platform 1, which benefits from a beautiful glazed canopy. Looking east under the canopy on platform 1:

Ulverston platform 1 under

Looking westward at the rear of the station building under the canopy:

Ulverston platform 1 rear

Plaques on the wall of the station building noting the construction of the Grade II listed buildnig in 1874 and its restoration by Railtrack:

Ulverston plaques

The benches are decorated with the Furness Railway's red squirrel nibbling bunches of grapes:

Ulverston bench

Platform 1 seen from platform 2 opposite:

Ulverston platform 1 seen from
platform 2

The area at the western end of platform 1 is little used, but the doorways are nicely painted:

Ulverston platform 1 est end

Further west along platform 1, most of the platform's width is enclosed with dark reflective glass. Looking east with the glass to the right:

Ulverston platform 1 west end

Looking west from the end of platform 1:

Ulverston looking west

Moving to the eastern end of platform 1, we look west at the platforms:

Ulverston platforms looking west

At the eastern end of platform 1 is this tower of unknown purpose, but now to let:

Ulverston end tower

Beyond the end of platform 1 is a short stretch of disused platform:

Ulverston looking east

Platform 1 is connected to the island platform by a subway. The entrance to the subway:

Ulverston platform 1 subway

The subway steps descending from platform 1:

Ulverston platform 1 subway

Inside the subway which leads to the island platform:

Ulverston subway

The exit from the subway on to platform 3:

Ulverston platform 3 subway

The lamp posts on the platforms now support more than just lamps. Here a pair of CCTV cameras watch the platform ends:

Ulverston CCTV

Ulverston only actually has two operational platforms, but they are numbered 1 and 3 because there is only a single track between the main platform and the island platform, so (theoretically) one could alight from either side of a train. In practice only the platform 1 side is used. Here we look west on the notional platform 2:

Ulverston platforms 1 and 2 looking

Looking east at platforms 1 and 2 from the same point:

Ulverston platforms 1 and 2 looking

The island platform is also provided with a glass canopy. Looking east at the glass canopy:

Ulverston platforms 2 and 3

The western end of the island platform is disused:

Ulverston disused platform end

In the distance to the west of the station is this signalbox:

Ulverston signalbox

The far side of the tracks from platform 1 has a short stretch of platform edge, and a welcoming sign:

Ulverston old steps

A road bridge crosses the line to the station's east. Looking west at the station from the bridge:

Ulverston looking west from

Looking east along the line:

Ulverston looking east from