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Thatto Heath

Collected date 04/07/13

Thatto Heath sign

It was warm and sunny when we reached Thatto Heath station, so it was a very pleasant place to spend a few minutes waiting for a train back towards Liverpool.

The station is on the line to Wigan, and has two platforms, both accessed by ramps from the road bridge which crosses the line at the station's east. The entrance to platform 1 on the south side of the line:

Thatto Heath platform 1

On platform 1, looking east towards the road bridge. The entrance to the ramp is just beyond the sign on the right:

Thatto Heath platform 1

Looking west along platform 1:

Thatto Heath platform 1 looking

Looking west at both platforms:

Thatto Heath platforms looking

Just behind the ramp is a wooden hut serving as the ticket office:

Thatto Heath ticket office

Walking to the western end of platform 1, looking west along the line:

Thatto Heath looking west

Looking along platform 1 from the western end:

Thatto Heath platform 1 from

Looking east along the line under the bridge:

Thatto Heath looking east

The road bridge is the only way to get between the platforms. Looking west at the station from the bridge:

Thatto Heath from bridge
looking west

The ramp down from the bridge to platform 2:

Thatto Heath platform 2 exit

Halfway along platform 2 is what looks like it might once have been the end of a different bridge crossing the line:

Thatto Heath platform 2 old