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Thames Ditton

Collected date 16/08/04

On a hot day I walked the short distance from Hampton Court to Thames Ditton. The route along the way was almost the definition of leafy suburbia.

Looking along Platform 1:

Thames Ditton Platform 1

The shelter on Platform 1 is well-maintained and the station was manned when I was there. The hanging baskets looked like they could do with a bit of water, though!

Thames Ditton Platform 1
building Thames Ditton Platform 1

Platform 2 is only accessible by leaving the station, following the road under the railway and climbing up on the other side, which may account for the slightly poorer state of its shelter:

Thames Ditton Platform 2

Finally, have you ever been bored while waiting for a train? Thames Ditton station provides something to do while you wait: a jigsaw! (Alas all but the sky had been done, but I did manage to put in one piece.)

Thames Ditton jigsaw