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Collected date 17/09/16

Swinton sign

Like most other stations on the same line, Swinton follows the same layout of having a central island platform accessed by steps from a road bridge. Unlike some, it hadn't acquired a lift for accessibility, but unlike others, it still has its overall canopy. The front of the station building on Station Road:

Swinton front

Inside the small ticket office area:

Swinton concourse

Steps (and only steps) lead down to the platforms:

Swinton steps

The steps emerge on the platforms:

Swinton exit

Looking under the canopy at the benches and information:

Swinton under canopy

Looking west on platform 2:

Swinton platform 2 looking west

Looking east:

Swinton platform 2

Looking west down platform 1 beside the entrance/exit:

Swinton platform 1 looking west

A look at the end of the canopy from the uncovered end of the platform:

Swinton canopy

At the very end of the platforms looking back towards the canopy and building:

Swinton platforms looking west

Looking east along the line:

Swinton looking east

Back up on the road bridge we look the other way down the line:

Swinton looking west from road bridge