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Collected date 06/08/11

Swinderby sign

Swinderby was at the end of a short walk from nearby Collingham station on a beautifully sunny day. Actually, the walk was slightly longer than I anticipated as Swinderby station is a little way out of Swinderby itself and sits isolated amidst fields:

Swinderby, seen from a distance

Approaching the station along the road:

Swinderby approach

Looking at the station and level crossing from the south:

Swinderby seen from the south

Crossing the level crossing we get a good overview of the site from the north. On the right is the old station house and on the left is the signalbox:

Swinderby seen from the north

The operational signalbox, whose signaller is responsible for closing the level crossing gates:

Swinderby signalbox

The main station building sits at the eastern end of the Lincoln-bound platform 2:

Swinderby building

A view of the side of the building which faces on to platform 2:

Swinderby platform 2 side of

The more humble brick shelter on platform 2:

Swinderby platform 2 shelter

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Swinderby looking west

The level crossing and signalbox:

Swinderby level crossing

The building on platform 1 is partly used as a waiting room and shelter:

Swinderby platform 1 building

Inside the building, showing where it has been divided:

Swinderby inside platform 1