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Collected date 12/09/16

Strines sign

On the line to Marple, Strines station is a small rural station towards the bottom of a valley. It has two platforms, connected with a road under the line. Here, on Station Road (with Strines itself a little way behind us), we look at the station information boards and the path up on the right to platform 1 and down on the left under the bridge to platform 2:

Strines information boards

The path leads up to a car park and the entrance to platform 1:

Strines platform 1 car park

The entrance to platform 1 from the car park:

Strines platform 1 entrance

On platform 1, looking north:

Strines platform 1

Further south down platform 1, still looking north, we can see a Network Rail compound with bags of fresh ballast:

Strines ballast bags

Looking south down the line:

Strines looking south

Returning to the road, we go under the line to view the rail bridge from the other side. Immediately to the left is the entrance to platform 2:

Strines bridge

Right next to the entrance to platform 2 is the roughly cobbled Midshires Way leading north-east:

Strines Midshires Way
looking north east

Looking down the exit steps from platform 2:

Strines platform 2 exit

At the very northern end of platform 2, looking north, with the road passing under the railway at the fencing:

Strines looking north

The shelter on platform 2:

Strines platform 2 shelter

Looking south along platform 2 from just beyond the shelter:

Strines platform 2 looking south

In a cut-out on platform 2 are benches:

Strines platform 2 benches

A long view of platform 2:

Strines platform 2

Oh, and remember the Midshires Way? That's what Strines station is for:

Strines for the Midshires Way