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Collected date 14/01/06

Returning from Hertford North as the light dimmed, I changed at Stevenage's modern station, built in the 1970s.

The station entrance. Some services were being replaced by buses, so staff were out in hi-vis directing passengers:

Stevenage entrance

From next to the entrance, looking down at the bike sheds and platforms:

Stevenage bike sheds and

Looking north along platform 3:

Stevenage platforms 2 and 3

From the northern end of platform 3, looking south at the station buildings:

Stevenage platforms 2 and 3

Looking north towards the end of platforms 3 and 4:

Stevenage platforms 3 and 4

The view looking north from the bridge:

Stevenage looking north

The station building and bridges, seen from the south end of platform 3:

Stevenage building