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St Bees

Collected date 14/09/15

St Bees sign

St Bees station is one of the Cumbrian Coast line's larger stations, serving the town pf the same name as the line veers away from the coast to avoid a rocky headland. The station has two platforms, connected by a level crossing and footbridge at the northern end of the station. We arrived on platform 1, for northbound services. This platform only has a small wooden shelter:

St Bees platform 1 shelter

Platform 1, seen from the footbridge steps. In the middle is a raised section of platform, a "Harrington Hump" to make the low platform more tolerable:

St Bees platform 1

The signalling on much of this line is still mechanical with signalboxes and semaphore signals, so the exit from platform 1 goes past St Bees signalbox:

St Bees signalbox

Walking round the back to take a look at the rear of the signalbox:

St Bees signalbox rear

The former station building on platform 1 is now on private hands and can also be seen just round the corner:

St Bees platform 1 rear

Looking at the level crossing from its northwestern side:

St Bees level crossing and signalbox

Also at this corner of the level crossing is a small hut labelled "Oil store":

St Bees oil store hut

Looking north at the level crossing:

St Bees looking north

The two platforms are connected by a footbridge, seen here from platform 2:

St Bees footbridge

Looking north along the line from the footbridge:

St Bees looking north from the

Looking south at the station from the footbridge:

St Bees looking south from the

On the other side of the level crossing:

St Bees level crossing

The main station building stil exists and is used as a restaurant:

St Bees station building front St Bees restaurant

The station building backs on to platform 2 for southbound services:

St Bees station building rear

The old station sign on the building is very distinctive and shows up in most photos of the station:

St Bees old station sign

On platform 2, which has no Harrington Hump, and just an old set of BR steps:

St Bees platformm 2

Further south along platform 2 looking north at the whole station:

St Bees platforms looking north

Looking south at the end of the operational part of platform 2, which continues south for some way:

St Bees looking south