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Collected date 16/04/05

Stamford sign

Stamford station is a dangerous place for the wallet. Apart from being on the edge of a rather attractive town, it is partly occupied by Robert Humm & Co. Transport Bookshop:

Stamford station frontage Stamford station building

The entrance to the station building:

Stamford entrance

The station building seen from the footbridge:

Stamford building rear

At one end of the station guilding is this octagonal belfry:

Stamford tower

At the top of the tower is this SPR weathervane, marking the station's original builders, the Syston and Peterborough Railway:

Stamford weathervane

Platform 1, for Peterborough-bound trains:

Stamford platform 1

Under the canopy on platform 1:

Stamford canopy

A view of platform 1 from under the canopy on platform 2:

Stamford building rear

Platform 2, for trains to Leicester:

Stamford platform 2

Looking east at the footbridge:

Stamford looking east

Looking west at the footbridge and station buildings:

Stamford looking west

At the west end of the station is this signal box:

Stamford signal box