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Squires Gate

Collected date 09/09/14

Squires Gate sign

The rather minimal single platform station at Squires Gate is the gateway to Blackpool International Airport, which says something about the aspirations of both the railway and the airport! The station is accessed from Squires Gate Lane which crosses the line to its north:

Squires Gate entrance

Down at platform level looking towards the exit:

Squires Gate platform exit

Signs along the platform tell you that this is the station for the Blackpool International Airport:

Squires Gate for Blackpool
International Airport

Looking north along the platform from about halfway along, with flowers showing the place isn't entirely unloved:

Squires Gate platform

And at the southern end of the platform looking north, with a second disused platform on the right:

Squires Gate platform looking

Looking south along the line from the end of the platform:

Squires Gate looking south

The disused platform edge opposite:

Squires Gate disused platform

Just south of the road bridge is this old approach road and rubbly area where once the platform buildings on the other side of the line stood:

Squires Gate old approach

The bridge dates from the same period as the 1931 station, though:

Squires Gate bridge

As a stone on the road side of the bridge confirms:

Squires Gate bridge - 1931

To the north of the bridge a small building sits, currently used as a electricity substation. Whether it ever had anything to do with the railway I do not know. Its south side:

Squires Gate building south

And its north side:

Squires Gate building north

Back on the bridge looking south at the station:

Squires Gate looking south
from the road bridge

Looking north from the bridge down the line towards the rollercoasters!

Squires Gate looking north
from the road bridge