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Smithy Bridge

Collected date 13/09/16

Smithy Bridge sign

Smithy Bridge station serves a small village near Rochdale, in which we arrived by bike - it seems to be a popular area for cyclists! The station is to one side of a level crossing at the northern end; here's the level crossing seen from its western side:

Smithy Bridge level crossing

Just beyond the level crossing is the site of the now demolished signal box:

Smithy Bridge old signalbox

As well as the level crossing a pedestrian subway also crosses the line to the north of the road. Here we look westwards:

Smithy Bridge subway

A bricked up entrance in the subway suggests it used to provide entrance to the station:

Smithy Bridge bricked-up subway

West of the line is this building, which looks like it might have some former association with the railway:

Smithy Bridge building

Between the building and the level crossing is a path leading to platform 2, entering just next to the platform 2 sign behind the shelter:

Smithy Bridge platform 2 shelter

Looking north along platform 2:

Smithy Bridge platform 2 looking north

Looking south along platform 2:

Smithy Bridge platform 2 looking south

Signs tell us that Smithy Bridge is "for" the Hollingworth Lake and Rochdale Canal:

Smithy Bridge for Hollingworth Lake and Rochdale Canal

Crossing the line at the level crossing we look up the ramp leading to platform 1:

Smithy Bridge platform 1 entrance

Up on platform 1 looking north along the line:

Smithy Bridge looking north

On platform 1 looking south at the shelter:

Smithy Bridge platform 1 shelter

Looking north along platform 1 towards the level crossing:

Smithy Bridge platform 1

Looking south at both platforms, showing how platform 2 starts a little way away from the road:

Smithy BRidge platforms looking south