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Collected date 12/09/14

Sellafield sign

Continuing the tour of the nuclear coast we ended up at Sellafield station, which is right next to the Sellafield site and exists largely to serve workers there. The station building was renovated in the early 2000s, and is surprising for being unmanned and yet provided with toilet and vending facilities...

The front of the station is on the eastern side of the line:

Sellafield front

The entrance to the station platforms:

Sellafield entrance

On the modern brick entrance is this plaque:

This plaque marks Railtrack's
400,000 refurbishment of Sellafield station completed summer 2001

The entrance gives onto platform 1, seen here from platform 2 opposite:

Sellafield platform 1

Inside the modern brick waiting room on platform 1:

Sellafield waiting room

The modern addition only covers part of the rear of the station building. Here's the northern part of the station building:

Sellafield rear

Fenced off towards the northern end of platform 1 is what looks like an old bay platform:

Sellafield disused bay

On platform 1, looking south towards the station building:

Sellafield platform 1 looing south

At the southern end of platform 1, looking south. A siding sits to the left, with the edge of platform 1 immediately on our right:

Sellafield looking south

A footbridge connects the southbound platform 1 to the northbound platform 2. Here we look north from the footbridge:

Sellafield from footbruidge
looking north

A spur of the footbridge used to lead east to the station front, but it is now just skeletal:

Sellafield footbridge disused

From the footbridge looking south along the line:

Sellafield looking south
from footbridge

Down from the footbridge onto platform 2, looking north:

Sellafield platform 2 looking north

Looking south along platform 2:

Sellafield platform 2 looking south

At the northern end of platform 2 is the Sellafield signalbox:

Sellafield signalbox

At both ends of the station stand these watering posts:

Sellafield watering point