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Collected date 12/09/14

Seascale sign

Seascale is a small village on the Cumbrian Coast, with a small two-platform unstaffed station. The landward side of the station gives onto platform 2:

Seascale platform 2 entrance

On platform 2, looking north:

Seascale platform 2

The northern end of platform 2 is partially covered in grass:

Seascale platform 2 looking north

Looking south from the southern end of platform 2:

Seascale looking south

The two sides of the station are connected by Gosforth Road which passes under the line just south of the station. On the sea-facing side of the station is a second car park and a ramped and stepped entrance:

Seascale platform 1 entrance

On platform 1 looking south:

Seascale platform 1 looking south

A set of wooden steps are available to help stepping up to trains:

Seascale steps

At the northern end of platform 1 there is some extra platform edging and a brick wall. Is this the end of some siding or loading bay?

Seascale disused platform end

A disused platform edge at the north of platform 1:

Seascale disused platform

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 1:

Seascale looking north