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Collected date 15/01/12

Sandy sign

Sandy is now a minor station on the East Coast Main Line, but was once where the east-west line between Cambridge and Oxford crossed the ECML. Our visit was the start and end of another of the Ramblers' Association Mystery Walks, taking in nearby Sandy Heath TV mast.

The front of the station building, to the west of the line:

Sandy front

At the edge of the station car park is a small garden with rails, wheels, buffers, and this plaque:

Sandy plaque

The rails and buffers in the garden:

Sandy garden buffers

The entrance from the car park to the station:

Sandy entrance

The station building backs onto platform 2, for northbound trains:

Sandy platform 2 looking north

The rear of the station building:

Sandy rear

A plaque on the station building commemorates the death of William Peel:

Sandy Peel plaque

Just south of the station building are some disused sidings:

Sandy sidings

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 2:

Sandy looking south

A footbridge spans the tracks. Looking down from it at the station building:

Sandy footbridge exit

On the footbridge, looking north along the line:

Sandy from footbridge looking north

On the left of the previous photo some tilework spelling out the station name can be seen. Here is a better view of it:

Sandy tiles

Looking south from the footbridge:

Sandy looking south from footbridge

A south-facing view of the platforms from the end of platform 2:

Sandy platforms looking south

The shelter on platform 1:

Sandy platform 1 shelter

On platform 1, looking north at the footbridge:

Sandy platform 1 looking north

Looking north beyond the footbridge on platform 1:

Sandy looking north