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Collected date 09/09/14

Salwick sign

Salwick station was a cycle ride from Lancaster for which we left not quite enough time. Still, it's a simple enough station, with a ramped entrance from a road bridge to an island platform, so two minutes was just about enough time to nab it!

Looking west down the ramp towards the platforms:

Salwick ramp

Just next to the ramp, looking west at the line from the bridge:

Looking west from bridge

On the eastbound platform 2 looking east:

Salwick platform 2 looking east

Looking west along platform 2:

Salwick platform 2 looking west

The opposite face of the island platform is platform 1:

Salwick platform 1

Looking east along the line from platform 1:

Salwick platform 1 looking east

Looking east under the bridge and stretching my camera's zoom capability into the bargain:

Salwick looking east

Also under the bridge the Salwick signalbox is visible:

Salwick signalbox