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Salford Crescent

Collected date 16/09/16

Salford Crescent sign

Salford Crescent is a modern (1987) station serving the University of Salford, which it is "for":

Salford Crescent for University of Salford

The station has a modern front at street level on the corner of Salford Crescent and University Road:

Salford Crescent frontage

As this plaque tells us, the station was fully rebuilt in 2013:

Salford Crescent plaque

From just behind the station front, we can get a good overview of the station site:

Salford Crescent

Since the station only has a single island platform, there's a covered footbridge leading from the station entrance to the platforms:

Salford Crescent footbridge

Inside the footbridge:

Salford Crescent inside the

Looking north from the footbridge:

Salford Crescent looking north from footbridge

Down on platform 1 looking back at the rear of the station building and the footbridge:

Salford Crescent rear

Down on platform 1 just next to where the steps from the footbridge emerge, looking north:

Salford Crescent platform 1 looking north

A blue footbridge crosses the station site midway down the platforms. Towards the other end of platform 1 we look south back towards it:

Salford Crescent platform 1 looking south

Looking north towards the end of platform 2:

Salford Crescent looking north

Looking south down platform 2:

Salford Crescent platform 2 looking south

Signs around the station tell us it is for the University of Salford:

Salford Crescent for University of Salford