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Ryder Brow

Collected date 10/09/16

Ryder Brow sign

A too leisurely stop at Yo! Sushi meant we got back to Ryder Brow a bit too late and it was already getting darker than my camera was entirely happy to cope with. Still, I got at least some shots that weren't too murky! The entrances to the station (one per platform) are from Levenshulme Road which bridges the line just to the east of the station. These are the steps which lead down to platform 1:

Ryder Brow platform 1 steps

Down on platform 1 looking eastwards there's a bit more light and we can see the steps going up to road level as well as the shelter, the road bridge, and the shelter on platform 2 opposite:

Ryder Brow platform 1 exit

The small shelter at the eastern end of platform 1:

Ryder Brow platform 1 shelter

At the western end of platform 1 looking east at the station:

Ryder Brow platforms looking east

On the other side of the line is platform 2, with its own entrance and shelter:

Ryder Brow platform 2 shelter

Back up on the overbridge there are information boards:

Ryder Brow information boards

We get a better view of platform 2 from the bridge:

Ryder Brow platform 2

Looking west into the murk from the road bridge:

Ryder Brow looking west from bridge