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Rose Grove

Collected date 11/09/14

Rose Grove sign

Rose Grove, like Hapton just down the line, is another station in the shadow of the M65, serving the western edge of Burnley. The station is accessed only by steps from the road bridge over the line (and the motorway!):

Rose Grove steps

Platform 1, for trains towards Colne, seen from the bridge:

Rose Grove platform 1

Rose Grove platform 2, again from the bridge:

Rose Grove platform 2

Down on platform 2 looking east at the rear of the steps:

Rose Grove steps rear

Looking west at the disused stretch of platform under the road bridge and beyond:

Rose Grove looking west

The platform has a minimal wall-less shelter, so best hope that the rain is only falling vertically:

Rose Grove shelter

On platform 1 looking west towards the road bridge:

Rose Grove platform 1 looking west

Between the two sides of the island platform is a slightly overgrown collection of shrubbery:

Rose Grove platform 1

Looking east from the end of the public part of platform 1; the platform continues for some distance:

Rose Grove looking east