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Collected date 12/09/16

Romiley sign

Romiley station serves the Romiley area of Stockport and has platforms elevated above ground level as the line crosses the Stockport Road. The front of the red brick station building, facing onto the road:

Romiley front

This plaque next to the entrance marks 150 years of the station, which was opened in 1862:

Romiley Railway Station celebrating 150 years Opened 1862 by the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR)

The street is on the platform 1 side of the station, for trains towards Manchester. There's an entrance ahead leading to the steps up to the platform, and a ramp on the left:

Romiley entrance

Steps lead up from ground level:

Romiley steps

One floor up is the ticket office, while the steps continue upwards to platform level:

Romiley tickets

This mezzanine level is actually the "subway" level, providing a way to get to the other side of the station:

Romiley subway

Further up the steps, we approach platform level:

Romiley platform 1 steps entry

Looking up the stairwell at the octagonal roof:

Romiley stairwell

A closer look at the roof/ceiling:

Romiley roof

The steps lead out onto platform 1, and the rear of the station building:

Romiley rear

Most of the windows are boarded up, however:

Romiley platform 1 boarded up

On platform 1 looking east:

Romiley platform 1 looking east

Platform 1 has a waiting room, which has a window looking out the front of the station, above the entrance:

Romiley platform 1 waiting room

Just west of the station building is this gradient sign:

Romiley gradient sign

At the western end of platform 1 we can see the signalbox ahead and the ramped entrance to the platform emerging from the trees on the left:

Romiley looking west

The signalbox:

Romiley signalbox

The ramp entrance to the platform:

Romiley ramped entrance

Further down the ramp, looking up at the signalbox:

Romiley ramp

So now to platform 2. There's the subway from the other side, of course, leading up steps to platform level:

Romiley steps up to platform 2

Alternatively if steps aren't your thing you can go under the bridge and enter the station car park:

Romiley bridge, platform 2 side

A small railway hut is to let at the entrance to the car park:

Romiley hut

The car park leads round the back of platform 2's building:

Romiley platform 2 rear

The entrance to platform 2, next to the cycle lockers:

Romiley platform 2 entrance

On platform 2, looking east:

Romiley platform 2 looking east

Detail of one of the spandrels:

Romiley spandrel

The side of the platform 2 building:

Romiley platform 2 side

At the eastern end of platform 2 lookimg west:

Romiley platforms looking west